A succinct introduction..

What started off as a pang of homesickness has snowballed into a maelstrom of activity.  And it all kicked off from being skint…..

I’m not going to give you a massive spiel about who I am and where I came from.  However, to understand this blog you will require some background.  I have therefore elected to summarise myself in a series of bullet points as follows:

  • My parents are originally Asian (by this I mean the curry-swilling, cricket-loving Bollywood kind)
  • I spent my primary years in Bahrain
  • I spent high school and university in Scotland
  • As a result of this I need to be outdoors in the countryside as much as possible
  • I’m a science teacher with serious itchy feet so as soon as it was polite I left Scotland in search of sun and adventure
  • I emigrated to Mexico a year ago with a Yorkshireman (hereby known as YM)
  • I LOVE food
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